LS8 Summer School 2017


What an amazing week it has been indeed, Leeds children’s circus has just finished our first ever summer school project and it has been a HUGE HIT!

Over the past 5 day we have delivered over 15 different skills, at 3 different locations with 10 professional trainers (including international circus experts) and received a massive amount of positive feedback an comments.

“It’s Been a great success on all levels, with lots of wonderful achievements, learning new skills and having lots of laughter on the way!” – Paula

Day 1: we started of the week by saying welcome to our fellow circus friends many have been to the club before but a few had no idea what they were getting in for. After welcome games we split the group into two and had a unicycle workshop from the unicorn project and a our first Ariel class of the week.

Day 2: we focused on learning juggling with scarves and then even got to make our own juggling balls out of balloons and beans (instructions here). Also special guest trainer Chris taught us some break dance moves.

Day3: was eagerly awaited for by all, this was the day we got to travel to Level up academy to learn parkour and tumbling. Everyone loved jumping into the giant foam pit!

Day 4: we learnt some more trapeze and silk moves and the other half was dedicated to balance, tackling some more of the more difficult skills such as walking globe and tight wire. To finish off the day we was treated to picnic in potter newton park and got the opportunity to share our circus skills with people in our local community.

Day 5: the final day, our morning was spent playing silly clowning games and progressing our acting abilities, preparing ourselves for the afternoon show to demonstrate our new skills to our family and friends. We only had 2 hours to put on the show and Nicky some of the staff were quite stressed but it all turned out great the the parents really enjoyed it as well as the performers. Everyone in the group has said they’d like to do it again and had so much fun learning new things and making new friends!

Thank you

to our funders for this Project

Best Moment: When Isabelle (from Belgium) helped me with aerial, she gave me some very good tips

Favourite skills: unicycle & acrobalance

3 words to describe the week: Challenging, Fun, Exciting


Best Moment: I have enjoyed having a full day of activities and games.

Favourite skills: juggling or acrobalance

3 words to describe the week: Fun, Exciting, Entertaining


Best Moment: Going to the park and having fun with my new friends.

Favorite skills: I enjoyed silks and tightwire the most

3 words to describe the week: Fun, Interesting, Unique


Skills we have covered:

– Clowning games – Unicycle – Aerial Silks – Trapeze – Juggling – Poi – Hula hoop – DIY juggling balls – Break dance – Acrobalance – Parkour – Tricking – Tumbling – Tight wire – Walking Globe – Stilts – Theatre – Performance technique –