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Suitcase Circus: SCREAM

SUITCASE CIRCUS SCREAM (SCREAM: Social Circus Recognising Educational Activity Methodologies) has been developed by a partnership of organisations working in the field of Circus. The organisation Everything is Possible has gave us the opportunity to get involved in this project. Suitcase Circus SCREAM Click here for more info. INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS GAMES EXCHANGE in Leuven, Belgium Kim, […]

National Youth Circus Event 2016

Once again we was so happy to be invited down to the NYCE event in 2016, a proud honour for our little club.   5 youngsters and 2 trainers went to the National Centre for Circus Arts to represent Leeds at a National Level. Three days of amazing workshops for kids and for trainers, as […]

BAS: But Art SUCKS!?!

An aerial performance with art and rather a lot of straws! In November 2015 we teamed up with Urban Angels and Leeds art Gallery to create a unique performance inspired by the British art show.   Adam Young asks can you use 8,000 black straws for Urban Angels youth aerial project based on BAS 8. Yes […]

National Youth Circus Event 2015

In 2015 we got invited to take part and join in the inspiring National Youth Circus Event. An exciting opportunity where we got the chance to go down to London and meet some of the biggest circus schools in the UK, play games and learn new skills alongside them. We took 5 participant and 2 volunteers to […]

Celebrating 25 years!!!

In 2014 we celebrated hitting our 25 years of Leeds children’s circus milestone. A huge achievement that everyone who has ever been in the circus club should be proud of. Since 1989 the children’s club has been running as a small after school club charity for the children in Harehills, each and every year the club […]

Chapel Allerton Arts Festival 2013

In 2013 we teamed up with the wonderful urban angels to create a dazzling show at the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival. This is a wonderful local event for the people of Leeds to celebrate all the arts and activities in the area. The event truly brings the community sprit together in a time to celebrate and […]